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We provide a range of Best Quality Boiler Brands


To meet your different needs, Best Heating installs several different brands and models of mid and high efficient boilers including:


Government Rebates Available

Rebates are available from LiveSmart BC: Efficiency Incentive Program.

See our grants & rebates page for details.




Super Hot Boilers

Super Hot is the top selling brand of boiler in Canada, and for good reason: They are reliable, efficient, and affordable. They are especially suitable for homes with copper piping supplying baseboard heaters.

The Super Hot Mini Gas boiler is 80-85% efficient, and the Mini-Star boiler is 85% efficient. All Super Hot boilers include a vent damper which closes off the chimney when the boiler is not in use to prevent the heat contained in the boiler from escaping up the chimney during intermittent use. A 10 year heat exchanger warranty is standard on all Super Hot models.


Mini - Therm Hydronic Boiler

Extremely popular with homeowners, JVT & JVS models offer a new attractive and easy-to service jacket. Well-known for their economy, both models come with a built-in draft diverter and automatic vent damper to stop your valuable fuel payments from disappearing up the chimney in wasted heat.

JVT & JVS Features
  • Standing pilot (JVT) or intermittent spark (JVS) ignition
  • Up to 84.4% AFUE
  • Single stage on/off & 2-Stage firing modes
  • Sleek jacket removes easily for quicker service

Mascot Wall-Mounted Condensing Hydronic Boiler

The Mascot is a high-efficiency gas-fired residential and commercial wall-mounted boiler. It is a condensing boiler, which means that the flue gasses are cooled down to the point that the water condenses before they escape. This allows the Mascot to achieve an efficiency rating up to 95%. It approved for closet installations and is perfect for condominiums and town homes.

The 126 MBTU boilers are considered residential and they are available both as "heating only" boilers (model HT 1.330) and as "combi" boilers with both hydronic heating and domestic hot water (model HT 330).


Triangle Tube Prestige Boiler

The Prestige boiler is among the most efficient and reliable boilers on the market today. It is a condensing boiler, meaning that the flue gasses are cooled down to the point that the water condenses before they escape. This allows the Prestige boiler to achieve an efficiency rating of 93%. More importantly, it is fully modulating.

Most boilers fail to live up to their efficiency ratings because of intermittent use - they run at 100% capacity for short periods of time during mild weather. Much of the heat generated inside the boiler escapes up the chimney during off periods. This is an especially large problem with a multi-zone heating system, where the boiler is constantly forced to come on for frequent short periods of time as each thermostat calls for heat individually. This is comparable to a car which travels by speeding up to 100km/h and then slamming on the brakes and coming to a stop before accelerating again. Travelling at a constant lower speed would be much more efficient.

This fully modulating boiler can operate at anywhere between 25% and 100% capacity at any given time. Its computerized control monitors the readings from an outdoor temperature sensor, the thermostats from each zone, and the boiler's input and output temperatures. It then operates at whichever steady capacity between 25% and 100% of its full capacity is required. This ensures minimal heat loss through the chimney.

The Prestige boiler is remarkably compact (16"x20"x35.5"), comes with a 10 year limited warranty, is much quieter than standard boilers when running at lower capacities, and features a self-cleaning upright heat exchanger.

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